Cool Ratatouille

Winter or summer and without the traditional garlic, our Ratatouille can be combined to suit your wish. 

Our standard bag contains baby marrow, onion, red and yellow peppers with some butternut for volume.

Thai Stir Fry

Maintaining the thickness and length of the individual vegetable is important to retain the crispy texture when cooking.

There are many combinations to this Asian favourite and we do them all.​

The Hand Cut Chip

Seasonal Chip Potatoes are sourced for their size, water content, softness and crispiness of frying as well as their level of oil use and retention. 

With a 5 day shelf our unfrozen, hand cut chips deliver a flavoursome experience.

The Simply Fresh Fruit Packs

The combinations are endless. Focusing on local produce is important for improved margins and a lowered cost. 

Whether it is an on-the-go daily fruit pack for the busy housewife and student or the bite sized, lifestyle conscious executive visiting your canteen.  We cut to please.

Our Carrot Cuts

Snappy and crispy, our fresh carrots are cleaned, cut and delivered the same day. 

Our Roundles, Babys, Strips or Julienne, thick or thin, is perfected for your needs.

Roast in a Bag

The hand cut combination provide a rustic and wholesome appeal to our Roast in a Bag. 

Our combination adapts to seasonal availability providing the best of what Nature has to offer at any point in time.