We distribute fresh and cut fruit and vegetables to retailers and kitchens across Cape Town.We source 99% of our produce daily from The Cape Town Market in Epping. 

Our distribution and processing unit is situated on the Market premises meters from the trading floor.

This ensures consistent quality and freshness of product. 

We package to client specifications or our own retail product list, whatever the requirement.

How we do it

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Our store within a store concept allows us to provide fresh, quality produce to an established customer base that serves both the informal traders and the housewife.

Whether you require single or wholesale boxed quantity, we ensure that pricing and quality remains consistently competitive‚Äč

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What we do

We begin our day on the trading floor at 3.30 am.

By 9 am orders placed the previous day are purchased, prepared and picked for delivery.

This efficient raw to packaged process gives our prepared produce a refrigerated shelf-life of up to 5 days.

Produce is purchased on seasonal availability. This keeps pricing affordable and range consistent, key advantages we provide our wholesale and retail customers with.

Product- a range of produce to suit the requirements of both retailers and end users- see Products

Price- Continuously competitive- we purchase with our customers in mind - request a price list and compare

People - A small low cost organisation - we can offer specialised products and services without compromising quality or price

Promotion-We aim to be the Best, Affordable Fresh Produce Distributor, providing timely delivery of consistent, favourably priced products for our customers thereby ensuring returns for them and us.